Are you feeling overwhelmed by your customer's technical issues?

Before you take a sledgehammer to your computer, take a breath and partner up with us. 

We collaborate with Web Designers and Marketers behind the scenes as your white-label partner to make you look like a hero to your customers.

Our Services

WordPress Headaches

We glide in, capes optional, with the speed and precision you expect for a superhero to get your client's website back online.

Email Support

Getting messages fit and ready to land right where they need to. We've mastered the ancient arts of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Cloudflare Support

Cloudflare is the first line of defense for your website. We use Cloudflare services to make sites faster, safer, and smarter.

Email Migration

You deserve a more reliable email service. With our expert setup and seamless migrations to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

Vacation Support

Sometimes you need a getaway, but your client duties have you grounded. While you’re jet-setting around the globe, we’ll step in as your tech support sidekicks.

Hosting Support

When it comes to hosting, think of us as your trusty sidekick. Let us manage the heavy lifting behind the scenes so you can focus on saving the day for your clients.

Be a Hero to your customers.

Jason Filler Vision Fillers

I run a full scale digital marketing agency and have been using Troy for over 10 years now. Whenever we run into server, email, high level tech or website issues, he is the guy that takes care of it for us. He fully understands all aspects of working on the technical issues that come up in developing and maintaining WordPress websites, hosting & email support. If you are a small business agency or a independent website developer and would prefer to outsource the more technical aspects of the business, he is the right guy.

Austin Reason R5 Website Management

As our agency grew, so did the support tickets! In order to scale, we needed someone we could rely on to troubleshoot the little issues that come up from day to day. Troy is that someone! He’s helped us handle DNS and firewall issues, random plugin conflicts, migrations, email authentication and more. R5 loves counting Troy as part of the team!

Yvonne Heimann Ask YVI

I've been building websites for ten years, and I know what I don't know, so when troubled websites are coming to me that, I cannot redesign how I would like them to do. When we need to do some cleanup, speed up, or optimization, or I have a huge technical issue, and suddenly, it's like the red lights are going on. It feels like you have a timer on your screen and a bomb sitting right next to it. Those moments I just love having Troy in my back pocket. Full Video Review

Ross Froehlich Flo Create

Troy came highly recommended by a colleague when I needed some help in starting my web design business. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to web hosting and backend development. More importantly though, Troy is always willing to help, communicates very clearly, and will work diligently to solve any issues no matter how great or small. Aside from helping with technical problems, Troy has also offered a great deal of guidance to me as a new business owner.

Howard Spaeth H Grant Designs

Troy is an invaluable resource for anyone needing assistance with WordPress or DNS issues. He has successfully resolved numerous problems for several sites and has a wealth of knowledge in managing DNS configurations. In addition to troubleshooting, Troy has also provided expert guidance in optimizing server performance. His reliable support and technical expertise make him highly recommendable for any related needs.

Flexible Plans For Agencies

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With our monthly management packages, you’re not just getting a service – you’re gaining a reliable tech partner. Whether it’s routine maintenance, troubleshooting, or updating, we’ve got you covered with limitless technical support. Our focus is on ensuring that your site remains operational, secure, and efficient at all times.

The difference between the plans is the turnaround and emergency response times. 


$ 499 /mo
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Unlimited Client Sites
  • 72-hour turnaround
  • 4 Hour Emergency Response
  • 9 AM - 5 PM Support (EST)
  • Quarterly Consulting call**
  • 100% US Base Support
  • 30% Discount***


$ 999 /mo
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Unlimited Clients Sites
  • 48-hour turnaround
  • 2 Hour Emergency Response
  • 9 AM - 9 PM Support (EST)
  • Monthly Consulting call**
  • 100% US Base Support
  • 40% Discount***


$ 1999 /mo
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Unlimited Client Sites
  • 24-hour turnaround
  • 1 Hour Emergency Response
  • 24/7 Support
  • Bi-Monthly Consulting Call**
  • 100% US Base Support
  • 50% discount***

Frequently Asked Questions

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We provide an extensive array of services to support your client’s needs. From resolving WordPress website issues to addressing hosting, DNS, and email problems, we’ve got you covered. Explore our Scope of Services to see how our support plans can benefit you.
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You can submit an unlimited number of tasks. However, we will focus on 1-2 tasks per day, up to 30 minutes to each task during business hours. For emergencies, we will work on them until they are fully resolved.

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To maintain affordability, we have some restrictions outlined in our Scope of Services.

Each task is addressed for a maximum of 30 minutes unless it’s an emergency. Emergency tasks are worked on continuously until resolved. Our turnaround time is based on regular business hours, 9-5 M-F.

Our non-emergency task turnaround times vary based on your chosen plan. The Startup plan offers a 72-hour turnaround, the Business plan provides a 48-hour turnaround, and the Business Plus plan guarantees a 24-hour turnaround. If a client has an urgent issue that isn’t classified as an actual emergency, we can expedite the task for an additional $49 fee.

Tasks requiring more than 30 minutes are typically more complex and may incur additional fees. We will notify you of these fees beforehand. 

Consulting calls are available upon request and are not scheduled automatically.

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We offer a 30%-50% (depending on plan) discount for services not included as long as you remain a customer under one of our plans.

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Tech Support


$ 79
  • 1 Hour of Support
  • Billed at $79

Tech Support

5 Hour Prepaid

$ 69
  • 3 Hours of Support
  • Billed at $345

Tech Support

10 Hour Prepaid

$ 59
  • 5 Hours of Support
  • Billed at $590
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Support & Training

$ 129
  • Need a quick rundown on something? Book time to go over your issue.
  • Up to 1 hour.

Cloudflare Training

$ 250
  • Step by Step of Cloudflare backend to help improve security and performance.
  • Up to 2 hours.

DMARC & Monitoring

$ 179
  • Protect your domain and ensure your emails reach their destination with our comprehensive DMARC Setup and Monitoring Service.